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3d-animalizer for web

'3D Animalizer' analyzes your face to determine your animal type, and transforms you into a moving 3D animal. There are 16 animals including cows, horses, rabbits, sheep, rhinoceros, and tigers, each with three different patterns.

[ How to play ]
1. Make sure your device is connected to a network, preferably on a WiFi network.
2. Take a portrait photo or upload one from your library.
4. Wait for a short moment until the process is complete. The generated movie will be automatically saved.
5. Press the 'Comment' button and view the analysis result.

You can also save images from the movie that was generated.
Send an image via email, upload to Twitpic, or set it as your Twitter icon.
Search '#3DAnimalizer' on Twitter to view how others have been animalized!

[ FAQs ]
Q. My portrait photo is not recognized by this application. How do I take a photo that will work?
A. Check the following points.

* The subject should look straight into the camera with head held straight.
* Forehead should be visible.
* Avoid shadows by taking the photo in bright natural light.

Q. The animal ears are cut off.
A. Try taking the photo from a further distance like the sample photo.

Q. How can I upload to Twitter?
A. Press the 'Send' button and select the 'Upload image' button.
You will need to input your Twitter ID and password on the first time.

Q. I set my Twitter icon, but my Twitter client application doesn't show the change.
A. It takes some time for the icon change to take effect on certain Twitter clients on the iPhone. To confirm the change, visit the official Twitter website (twitter.com).

Q. I want to see more animals.
A. Search '#3DAnimalizer' on Twitter, or check out the Facebook fan page http://bit.ly/cyDBZg and view posted animalized photos. 3D Animalizer determines animal types by analyzing facial features. You can reference other photos and try to find faces that may generate other animals on your app.

Twitter hashtag : #3DAnimalizer
Facebook Fan Page : http://bit.ly/cyDBZg

3D Animalizer is powered by MotionPortrait technology.
See more at http://motionportrait.com/e/



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