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PhotoSpeak enables a face in photo to "speak", just as the portraits in "Harry Potter" do.

PhotoSpeak is also easy. Just take or pick a face photo and send it to the server. In a minute, 3D face is downloaded and starts moving and blinking like real human.

With our own face recognition technology, not only human faces, but also human like stuff such as portrait pictures, cartoon characters, or even doodles can be turned into 3D face.

It is easy to make the 3D face speak whatever you want. You can even record your own voice, and make a face speak with it. To make the face speak displayed in the Android in the recorded voice, just press the "Play" button.

How you use PhotoSpeak is up to you. Collect your favorite faces and surprise your friends. Your friends will love it when they see their own faces talking in a variety of ways!

This is a must for parties!

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使い方はあなた次第です。お気に入りコレクションを作って眺めるもよし、友達に見せて驚かすもよし。 友達をその場で撮って色々なセリフを言わせれば、ウケること間違いなし!



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